Second Language and New Technologies (second part)

The second event of the project took place in Helsinki (Finland), between June 11-16. During the working sessions, the 5 cities involved in the project – Helsinki, Granada, Palermo, Riga and Timisoara – has been presented, at most with their cultural aspects and particularities. Timisoara presentation can be watched and downloaded here.

In the same time, the new technologies used in the learning of a second language has been presented in extension, together with best practice models.

Inclusive Growth

The project and the conference Inclusive Growth took place in Szeged (Hungary) in 13-16.10 2011 and marked the anniversary of 5 years of partnership between Free Minds Association and DARTKE – Szeged.

During this event – financed by Europe for Citizens Programme (programme of Education and Culture General Directorate of European Union) – it has been presented and discussed important aspects which concern the todays Europe: the concept of inclusive growth, the importance of Lisbon Treaty, refugees and migrants situation in Europe, Civic European Initiative, etc.

Second Language and New Technologies

Financed by Grundtvig Programme – an European funding programme which aimes to strengthen the European dimension in adult education and lifelong learning across Europe – the project Secundas Lenguas Y Nuevas Tecnologias (in Spanish in original) or Second Language and New Technologies tries to integrate three important concepts in society and current education: New Technologies (TICS), Second Language and Culture.

Partnering organisations from Spain, Finland, Italy, Letonia and Romania (Intercultural Institute Timisoara), the second event of the project took place in Timisoara, between 20 and 24 February. Participant from Free Minds Association: Dan Nicolaescu.

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