Youth in Civil Europe – 2007

DARTKE Organization from Szeged, Hungary, in partnership with Free Minds Association from Timişoara and Panonija Association from Novi-Sad, Serbia, has implemented between July and September 2007 the project called Youth in Civil Europe.

Financed by the European Union as part of the programme Europe for Citizens-Active civil society in Europe, the project aimed to strengthen relations among non-governmental organizations (especially the ones which address the youth) from the Euro region Dunăre-Criş-Mureş-Tisa (DKMT).

The project became a Good Practice Project, according to the Hungarian Agency of Decentralized EU grants.

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Strengthening Bulgarian and Romanian Civil Society Organisations

February: The advanced module of the international training Strengthening Bulgarian and Romanian Civil Society Organisations was held in Bankya, near Sofia, during 13-17 February 2007. The conferences gathered a team of professionals in the domains of Project Management, PR & Communication, Advocacy & Lobbying, Fundraising. We were offered a variety of well structured information. Two of the days were planned entirely for group work, a good opportunity to enter the details of the above mentioned topics and also to interact with colleagues from other organizations.

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