Participation in Youth Exchanges in Europe – Altamura, Italy

November – participation in Youth Exchanges in Europe – Altamura, Italy

Organizer: Sinergie

Partners: European Network of Animation, Altamura Local Council

Financing: The Youth Program of the European Union

The main objective of the program was to increase the contribution of young people to the development of social life. The workshops were for learning animation techniques and trying to create programs and to find partners for their implementation.

Participation in the advocacy campaign DKMT: a Citizens’ Euroregion (as a partner)

January – June – participation in the advocacy campaign DKMT: a Citizens’ Euroregion (as a partner)

Organizer: The Third Europe Foundation Timisoara

Financing: The Euroregional Center for Democracy Timisoara

Other partners :

  • Charity Association Panonija Novi-Sad
  • Istvan Bibo Foundation Szeged

As a continuation of The Citizens’ Observatory for Regional Policies, the program aimed to build a strategic coalition of the representatives of civil society from DKMT Euroregion (over 100 NGO’s met in 3 local reunions and a huge euroregional forum); they presented the Presidents’ Forum of DKMT with a resolution and a series of concrete solutions for making cross-border cooperation more efficient.

In the meantime, a huge campaign took place at Triplex Confinium – the point where the three countries meet –, on the occasion of the jubilee of DKMT Euroregion. The members of Free Minds Association participated in the implementation team and they joined the reunions of civil society.

the advocacy campaign DKMT

The campaign was awarded the 2nd prize at the “Civil Society Awards – Bucharest 2002”, the section “Civic Participation”