Participation in The Citizens’ Observatory for Regional Policies (as a partner)

April – October – participation in The Citizens’ Observatory for Regional Policies (as a partner)

Organizer: The Third Europe Foundation Timisoara


America’s Development Foundation, the program Regional Partnership for Democracy
United States Agency for International Development

Other partners:

  • The Center for Regionalism Novi-Sad
  • The Center for Multiculturality Novi-Sad
  • Charity Association Panonija Novi-Sad
  • Mures Foundation Szeged

The Citizens’ Observatory for Regional Policies

The program analised in detail the way in which the DKMT Euroregion worked and its impact in cross-border cooperation. A Romanian-Hungarian-Serbian group of experts in public administration, education and cultural policies identified the problems of regional cooperation and proposed concrete solutions, resulting in a report called Civic Participation and Accountability. The aim of this final report was to demonstrate and encourage civic participation in making cross-border cooperation efficient. The report was largely distributed and presented to local authorities, civic organizations and ministries. It was the first civic initiative at a euroregional level in the three countries. The members of Free Minds Association participated in the implementation team, the technical staff, as well as in the group of experts. You can find the report at Documents on this web-site.